7 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier

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1.) CrossFit. It will make you miserable first. Really, truly “I am so stupid. Why did I agree to this?” miserable. But then you will be able to breathe and move your arms again, and the old, regular world will look SO much better.

2.) Kiss a CrossFitter. No explanation needed. But if you don’t know them, you should ask permission first. (Trust me here.)

3.) Drink good bourbon. You’ll feel all warm inside, kind of like after #2. Or #1.

4.) Buy something from Again Faster. (You’re welcome, Jon Gilson.) No, actually you might just want to follow Lisbeth’s Rule of Shopping: Only buy stuff if you really need stuff. Never buy anything to fill a hole in your heart. Doesn’t work. We all know that, but we like to forget. (Note: If you’ve just broken up with someone, feel free to ignore Lisbeth’s Rule of Shopping for 72 hours. Retail therapy does have its place and time.)

5.) Read. Listen. Look. Go to a bookstore, a library, a museum, somewhere that will transport you into the world where people make up all sorts of fantasy lives and characters. And, no, Facebook does not count here. Get away from concrete worlds and take your head into make-believe, and, in doing so, transport yourself into the possibilities that exist in other lives and other minds. Live there for a while. And then when you come back to your own life, you will have the vision (hopefully) to see things that you could not see before.

6.) Hug somebody. So basic, so simple, and yet so wonderful. Life is worse without hugs, and you know it.

7.) Stop reading numbered lists. 


Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life

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