Don’t Like CrossFit? We Don’t Care

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More articles have been appearing lately on the “dangers” of CrossFit. Guess what? We don’t care.

You heard me right. Just like Lorde: We.don’

Do I mean we are heartless and unfeeling? No. I mean we don’t give a flying barbell. As a community, CrossFitters mostly have stopped giving a damn about BS that scared people write. Most of these negative articles and videos are constructed by people who either have not tried CrossFit, or tried CrossFit and didn’t like it. Too bad for them. Not many of these articles are written by people who like CrossFit, and none appear to be written by CrossFitters who love CrossFit.

In the early years, we used to care. We would get outraged and respond vociferously. How could someone not love the best thing we had found in years? We were telling everyone we knew about our obsession. Our desire (and need) to get the truth out about fitness propelled us into action. We defended aggressively. Now? We know. Much of the world knows. Things have changed in so many places. Like Jacob Tsypkin noted the other day: “The much larger percentage of the population training with barbells, squatting to depth, deadlifting heavy, putting weights overhead, doing interval conditioning, getting good fats in their diet, and on, and on, and on, is largely a series of side effects of the growth of CrossFit, even into ‘globo gyms’ where people think they’re just doing ‘standards’ workouts. Life in the gym has changed for the better for so many people due to CrossFit, whether they realize the impetus behind the change or not.”

So when a new uninformed, scared article comes out attempting to eviscerate CrossFit, we who CrossFit push it to the side and drive on. It’s the Prius in the left lane on the freeway, and we just switch right, hit turbo and rocket past. We don’t need everyone to love CrossFit or to do CrossFit as we know it. We do it, and we know the results — which are evident in our bodies, our lives, our minds, our spirits. We don’t need our truth confirmed by some talking head on TV. We don’t need the validating words of some dude who proclaims himself an exercise “expert.” We don’t care because we already know. And once you know? You can’t go back to the misinformation and the emptiness. It’s like when the cigarette companies kept advertising how wonderful their cigarettes were but we all already knew smoking was death. We didn’t need to hear another report.

So go ahead and write your articles about the supposed “dangers” of CrossFit. Those things are the new smoking. We don’t care. Our lungs are clear and so are our minds. Now, excuse us, it’s time to WOD.

Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays

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