The Simple and Elegant Truth of CrossFit

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You know what I love about sport? It doesn’t discriminate. The barbell doesn’t care if I’m gay or straight. It also doesn’t care if I’m black, or if my mom and dad were Latino or Lithuanian. The barbell doesn’t know that I’m a woman. A deadlift is a deadlift for me, or for a man or a child. The pavement doesn’t rise or fall under my feet because I prayed to this god and not that one. Burpees are burpees for the young and the old. Bumpers don’t give a damn where I live. Pain will come calling, no matter whether I have a lot or a little in my bank account.

And you know what I love about CrossFit? All CrossFit wants from me is effort and a desire to get better. The minutes and seconds tick off the clock at the same pace if I vote conservative, libertarian, liberal, or not at all. “Time!” is pronounced differently as a word in English or Russian or French, but it has the same meaning: your workout is finished. Sweat angels darken every mat.

In a world that tries to remind us of the differences between people, CrossFit reminds us that, fundamentally, we are all the same. In order to maintain our health, all humans need functional movement. And so here we have training centered on the concept that everyone needs these basic movements. And, in that CrossFit workout, we can make modifications for the differences between individual human beings while at the same time acknowledging our sameness. That’s a beautiful concept, simply and elegantly rendered. In our rush to improve, it’s something we rush by, but it deserves attention, and it deserves applause.

Thank you, CrossFit. In a world that often seems to be trying to tell me that I don’t belong, you tell me that I do.



Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life

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