Where The Best Seats Are

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I went to the 14.5 Event Announcement and the best moment for me was not watching the amazing performances, or hanging with the fabulous Rich Froning and the fantastic Sam Briggs and all the wonderful HQ staff and athletes. The best moment was not being a VIP at an exclusive after-party.

The best moment was talking with the woman in the parking garage.

We were hoofing it to my buddy Josh Murphy’s car post-event (Josh works on CFHQ philanthropic efforts and is one good dude), when a woman in a CrossFit hoodie turned around as we approached the stairs and said, “Lisbeth Darsh! We’re friends on Facebook. I’m so glad to meet you!”

And then we walked up three flights of stairs, arm in arm, as she told me her name (Tarri)  and where she works out (CrossFit North Marin) and we talked about CrossFit.

Just CrossFitters chatting. Love of a sport, love of a community. The whole interchange lasted maybe five minutes, and it made the trip up to San Francisco totally worth it.

See, I’ve been doing this gig for a while now and I’ve been on the floor of the CrossFit Games and Regionals and Open events and pretty much done everything and been everywhere you can imagine. It’s all great fun and I love it, but, for me, nothing ever compares to the fun of talking with CrossFitters. Nobody has to be super-fit to be a super person. We all just love this crazy thing we do, we go really hard, and we take care of each other — and that’s enough.

I guess what I’m saying here is this: the best seats at any event aren’t necessarily in the front. The best seats are often in the back rows, surrounded by the community you love. Just enjoy the moment you are in. These are your people.

And if you see me somewhere, say hi. It’s never a bother, and you know I always have time for a selfie or two. I just love CrossFit. Period. And I’m really glad you do too.


Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays

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