Notes to Myself: 1

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You only have so many days. So many hours, so many minutes, so many moments. All of us, even those who are in fabulous shape and will live to be 100 or more, have a finite number of breaths on this earth.

So, why do you squander your time? Why do you waste time on things and emotions and miscreants who will bring no good to this world?

Is it easier to do so? Is it less painful to waste time than to spend it wisely?

Yes. But it is not braver. 

Be weak when you have to be. But be strong, if and when you can be.

Do not mistake these words for advice on filling your life with busyness. That is not what I wish for you. Busy is not inherently better than rest. I wish for you to do the right things at the right moments, and hopefully for the right reasons.

Hear me clearly now: You have only so many breaths in this life. Fill your lungs. Use your talents wisely, and do things that matter.


Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Life

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