Your Choices, Your Time

Lisbeth Essays, Life

One thought for your day: “What we give to others stays within us.” (Marianne Williamson)

You can think about this a lot, argue it, talk to others about it. Get all deep and philosophical, start thinking about emotions and energy and love and hate and jealousy and vanity and a million other things. These words can itch at your ears and obsess your thinking until you figure them out.

Or you can think all surface: “I’m making my members do burpees and pull-ups today. What does this even mean?”

Or you can just read and discard. You have more important matters to consider today, and you must spend your energy on them.

So why do we so often choose Choice #1 and forget we have Choice #3? 

If you find yourself saying you need more time in your day, up your quotient of Choice #3 and see what happens.


Lisbeth Essays, Life

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