Can a Trainer Work Out With the Class?

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This question never dies. It pops up in CrossFit circles, even now, in various places around the internet.

“What’s your opinion on trainers working out with the class? Like coaching and then jumping in with the class?”

Seriously? We are still asking this question?

There is only one answer: no. Don’t do it. A good trainer does not work out with the class he or she is coaching. Ever. 

Now, I’m not talking about off-duty trainers taking classes with members. If there’s another trainer in charge of the class and actively coaching it, that’s cool. I encouraged that to happen when I owned an affiliate. Members like to throw down with their trainers at the appropriate time. (Conversely, if you think you’re too good to work out with your members, then you might have a problem too.)

The situation I’m referencing is one where a trainer jumps in with the class he or she is coaching and does the workout with the class. Here’s the problem: who’s coaching now?

Perhaps we should consider why this question is even being asked.

1.) If you’re a trainer and you’re asking this question, you need to have a serious talk with yourself. Why are you in this position? What are your priorities? It doesn’t sound like helping others is #1 on your list. If your workout is more important than helping people receive instruction for which they are paying money, then you need to find another job. This one is not that important to you.

2.) If you’re a business owner and your trainers are asking this question, you might need to get new trainers. Helping others does not appear to be #1 on their list—but it should probably be your #1 if you want to stay in business.

3.) If you’re a paying member at a gym where this is going on, you need to talk to the owner or you need to find a new gym. You are paying to be coached, but instead you’re getting a workout buddy. Do you feel like you’re being cheated? You are. Paying customers deserve better.

This question needs to die. The answer is no. Everybody go train.


Lisbeth Business, CrossFit, Essays, Fitness

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