Three Books to Help You Figure Your Stuff Out

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Here’s what I’m reading this month that I think you might like.

1.) “Live Like That” by Lisbeth Darsh.

Of course I’m going to mention my book first! It just came out and it’s really good! Trust me, I wrote it!

Click the link and read the opening essays and the five-star reviews. (And remember, buying my book = supporting all these free blogs I write for the fitness community! Win Win!)

(The Kindle version should be available within the next few days.)


2.) “What To Do When It’s Your Turn” by Seth Godin.

Good, solid advice to get you moving towards that project you always wanted to pursue but haven’t yet. Easy to consume, but the messages will stay with you.

Seth isn’t selling this one new on Amazon, so click here to buy it directly. I really enjoy Seth’s work, and this one I think is one of this best.


3.) “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.

It’s not just about organizing your house. It’s about much more, like figuring out your life. All in simple, clear prose. Flip through it, you’ll be amazed at the “aha” moments. I was surprised at how often I underlined sentences in this book.

Lisbeth Books, Essays

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