Lessons From the IWF World Championships

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iwf logoI don’t usually write about competitions, but DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED AT THE IWF WORLD WEIGHTLIFTING CHAMPIONSHIPS?

Okay, I’ll stop yelling and use my inside voice.

I’m sure there are a thousand good stories and many valiant efforts, but these are two things that made me stand up and cheer:

1.)  Aleksey Lovchev Breaks The Clean & Jerk And Total World Records

Watch it here on FloElite—and make sure to turn up the sound. The crowd is quiet … and then ROARS on both lifts. It’s delightful to hear when they all hold their breath with Lovchev as he starts his jerk.

2.) Rim Jong Sim made lifts with injuries that most of us can’t do totally uninjured.

Watch it here on FloElite. Again, turn up your sound. It’s great to hear the crowd go from silent to a full roar.

We can debate how smart it was for Rim Jong Sim to continue competing (you can read about her injuries here) but it was something to witness. She had no quit in her.

Why am I bothering to tell you about these two lifters and show their videos? For the same reason I tell you about good books I read. Study, learn, go forth and practice—in the gym, in your work, in your life. Get stronger. Just two more lessons worth contemplating. 



Lisbeth Barbell, Essays, Fitness, Life, Motivation

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