Top 10 Most-Read Posts of the Year

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These are the most-read posts on my site in 2015. jimmakesuslaugh

10. Switching Gyms

We’ve all had to do it. How to not make it such a painful process, for owners and members.

9. 5 Ways to Have More Fun at CrossFit

I wrote this post in 2011, but it holds some basic truths that are worth revisiting in our gym experience.

8. 10 Things I Learned In My CrossFit Class

I might have learned more than 10, but who has the time to read the 27, 959 things I learned in my CF class?

Scaling is not an apology by lisbeth

7. Is the Fitness Landscape Changing Again?

Some thoughts on the evolving needs and nature of the small gym experience.

6. You Don’t Suck As Much As You Think You Do

You really don’t. We all get caught up on this one.

5. You Leave My Yoga Pants Alone

Because, yoga pants.

4. The Unofficial CrossFit Joke Book

I wrote this post in 2008, before I even worked for CrossFit, Inc. — and it’s still one of the top-read posts on my site, and the jokes are groaners. Enjoy!

3. Scaling Is Not An Apology

You should never feel bad because you scaled the workout. Never.

2. Old-School Rule: Stay and Cheer

We used to do this all the time, but it’s more of a dying tradition now. Still, I refuse to give it up.

 1. Why You Should Date a Woman Who Loves the Barbell

Oh, you know you should. Hot hot hot.

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Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Fitness, Gyms, Inspiration, Mindset, Motivation

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