My Favorite Posts of 2015

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Here are my favorite posts of the year, from this blog as well as the articles I wrote for Eat to Perform and Steve’s PaleoGoods.

(These posts are not in any particular order, despite the numbers. I love them all, and hope you did too.)

Thank you for reading!

10.) “How to Make People Feel Big Instead of Small”

One of my most personal posts of the year. Like Oprah says: when we know better, we do better.

9.) “5 Things A Fit Woman Wants You to Know” IMG_8936

I was annoyed again at people online tearing down other women with muscles, so I wrote this one.

8.) “Don’t Earn Your Food in the Gym (And Six Other Lessons I Wish I’d Learned Sooner)

This one was a rocket ship from launch. It was the first piece I wrote for Eat To Perform, and it now sits at over 100,000 shares alone. It might be my first article to reach a million readers (or close to it)! That’s kind of crazy, when I think about it. 2015 was a wild year!

7. “9 Worthwhile Bits of Workout Wisdom”

Good reminders for all of us.

6. “Wear Those Shorts With Pride!”

“You are the one who should say if you’re beautiful or strong. You determine your self-worth. You determine your story.”

5. “Finding Your Beautiful Self Again”kettlebellsupstairs

My wish for each and every one of you who feels lost. Find your beautiful self again.

4.  “The Uninvited Guest”

Sadness will visit, and you will survive it.

3. “At the Corner of Main and Resilience”

Not every day is fabulous, but you’re still in the game, Skippy!

2. “Normal is Overrated Anyhow”

My red-headed boy. My heart. My life as a mom.

1. “Stop Trying to Please Everyone”

 Stop the madness! Be you.

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Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Inspiration, Life, Love, Mindset, Motivation

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