Are You Ready to Light It Up?

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It’s Monday: A day of sadness or a day of joy.

A day where you revel in the opportunities you get to explore and the path in front of you … or just another day you dread because it’s the same old same old. More of the same shit you’ve been putting up with forfuckingever. 

[Tweet “If you have to live this way for all your days, is that acceptable to you? “]

Are you okay with never changing? Or do you want to be somewhere different by this Friday or next Friday or a Friday a year from now? Two years from now?

Something to think about: You are either alive and vital and connected to yourself, your loved ones, and this world or you are dying slowly day by day, moment by soul-sucking moment, hour of reality show by hour of reality show. How sad would it be to end your life having only watched others get what they want?

So many decisions each and every day:

Stand up or sit down.

Speak up or shut up.

Be you or be who they want you to be.

Live your integrity or sell it to The Man by swallowing your words and surrendering your heart. Maybe even silently accept hands where they shouldn’t be on your body, or words where they shouldn’t be on your soul.

We each make a thousand decisions a day. We put up with a lot for our lives, our comfort, our families, and some sense of what seems to be an ever-elusive peace.

But peace doesn’t come because you wish for it.That’s not how life works. Peace comes after the battle, after you fight for it, even if that battle is only within your own soul.

Peace sits among the spoils of the victor, not the vanquished, but don’t you be tricked into only seeing how society defines victory. No. [Tweet “Define victory with your own terms.”]

But that moment of victory and the ensuing peace often only comes after we’ve had enough and we stand up and say, “No more. Not this time. Not on my watch.”

Yet such are the times we remember in our lives. The imprint that leaves a burning outline somewhere on our tired but eternally pugnacious soul. Those are the days whose sweetness stays on our tongue until breathe fades from our lungs.

[Tweet “Those frightening but fabulous days are the ones where we truly come alive.”]

So what are you doing on this fucking Monday?


Lisbeth Inspiration, Life, Mindset

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