Good-bye Green Bottles!

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I have a thing for bubbly water.

There’s something about the bite of the bubbles that hits me just right. For years, I’ve purchased Pellegrino by the case at Costco and hauled it home. Then hauled those empty green bottles to recycling.

Then one day I got sick of it all: the bottles, the lugging, the everything. It was one thing when my younger son and I enjoyed the Pellegrino but then my older boy returned for the summer from college with a taste for bubbly water, and we started going through Pellegrino like an Italian cycling team.

So, I splurged on one of those machines that adds the carbonation to your own water. I did some research (aka Googled) and found a lot of opinions, but then settled on this one: the Soda Stream Source.

It’s super-simple, there’s no cleaning involved, and the refill cartridges aren’t exorbitantly expensive.

Does it taste the same as Pellegrino? No. To me, Pellegrino tastes a tad better. Fuller, more of an exotic mouth feel or something. This is just bubbly water … but you know what? I can make that bubbly water right in my house! No lugging, no running out of bubbly water, nothing. Just fill the bottle, attach it in the Soda Stream Source, and push down on the lever. (At first the noise it makes scared the bejebus out of me, but after a week, I stopped jumping. Also, make sure you have that bottle firmly secured in the contraption or you might end up with a lot of water all over the counter. Whoops.)

Does the Soda Stream Source make good soda? I don’t know. Never tried that. We don’t drink much soda in our house. But we do enjoy the bubbly water and we’re pretty happy right now with our new purchase. I just thought I’d pass on that information in case any of you were considering making the jump to one of these machines. Cheers!

Lisbeth Essays, Recommendations

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