To All the Good Guys

Lisbeth Life

Because someone should say it, I will.

To all the good guys out there, feeling slammed lately in our society, I just want to say this: I love you. ❤️

I know you’re working hard and trying to do the right thing, and that you’re appalled also at how some men behave. I get it. I’m not proud of all women and their behavior. Sometimes, I’m not even proud of myself or how I behaved in the past.

We’re in the middle of a reckoning in our society and it’s going to persist for a while. It’s long overdue.

And the simple truth is that we’re all going to have to ride through this together.

The best answers will be the ones we find together. It takes all of us to build a society we want to live in.

So, hang in there. I see you and I appreciate you. I wouldn’t want a world of all women or a world of all men. We all bring so many different things to the table. And that noisy table full of love and community is right where I want to be with all of us.

Lisbeth Life

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