What Is Your Obligation?

Lisbeth Life, Mindset


This word itches at my ears lately. What is my obligation to society in all these shared public media spaces we now inhabit?

  • And what is my obligation to my family?
  • To my friends?
  • To myself?

In this world of information and the frenzy of an unending news cycle, we can get lost in social media in what we perceive as our obligations, instead of what our obligations are.

[Tweet “I don’t know for anyone else, but my obligation is not to be a newspaper or a news channel. “] Think about it. We have quickly reached the State of Overwhelm with information and perhaps only we can save us from us.

Therefore, I have no obligation to inform my fellow humans of every story that I read or video I watch, or every thought I have, or every piece of bitterness I struggle with. A few pieces, yes. A zillion, no.

I am not a German Shepard. It is not my role to bark at the gate.

[Tweet “My obligation is simple: to be me. To think as me, act as me, and go forth as me.”]

So I share an article if I feel so moved. But I delete six posts on social media for every one that I make. I write 10 drafts for every blog post that I publish. Curation begins at home.

The world doesn’t need everything I produce. Nor does it need my opinion on everything.

What the world needs is my love, my energy, and my focus on who I am meant to be, not who anyone else thinks I should be.

[Tweet “As you move through your day, think: What are you bringing to the table that is specifically you?”]

Focus. And then let us see that. On behalf of all your fellow human beings, thank you.


Lisbeth Life, Mindset

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