Isn’t It Time You Next Leveled Yourself?

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This week, I was so on fire that they started calling me “Next Level Lisbeth” around the office.

What’s that feel like? Free. It felt free.

Like I could be who I am and so much more. There were no raised eyebrows, no verbal or silent “you’re too much” or “tone it down” or “can you please be a little less … you?”

I’m so tired of that Tone-It-Down bullshit in my life. So tired of people asking–no, demanding–that I be less me. That I pull my punches, quiet my voice, and act like they want me to act.

So flipping done with that.

  • I was not born Lisbeth-lite and I sure as hell won’t be her now.
  • I’m not Lisbeth when you want me to be Lisbeth, and someone else when you want me to be someone else,

My chameleon days are over.

My rationale here is simple: I don’t ask it of you, so don’t ask it of me. And guess what else?

I want to know. And I’m strong enough to handle it whatever it is.

Next Level Lisbeth is here. I’m not sure what she’s going to do or where she’s going. But if Last Level Lisbeth was firing on 6 cylinders, this one’s firing on 8 and climbing the hill like a mofo. Get ready, world. I’m going to be better than ever.

But what’s your next level look like? I want to know that, too. Or what’s preventing you from reaching your next level?

Think about that question. And watch this space. Maybe there’s something about to start. Because if I know how to get to the next level of me, then I’m sure as shit going to share it with as many people as I can.

This life can be glorious, but to get there, we have to see the glory in ourselves and each other. So why don’t we all get started?

Lisbeth Essays, Mindset

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