Avon Calling

Lisbeth Business, Life

Mom was just a woman in her 40’s with blue eyes, a big smile, and an even bigger heart — and every front door would open. People know good people when they see them.

Would You Work Out at a Dirty Gym?

Lisbeth Business, Fitness

One of the measures of value in a gym is cleanliness. (One, not #1 or the only.) And some people don’t mind working out in a dirty place, but a lot of people (especially women) do.

Can a Trainer Work Out With the Class?

Lisbeth Business, CrossFit, Fitness

This question never dies. It pops up in CrossFit circles, even now, in various places around the internet.

“What’s your opinion on trainers working out with the class? Like coaching and then jumping in with the class?”

Seriously? We are still asking this question?