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Eyes forward, chest up, breathe. You can pretty much use that as your mantra for whatever you have to face today, in the gym or in your life.


Lisbeth Darsh Daily Archives

It’s the commitment to each and every athlete that their needs will be met, their expectations will be exceeded, and that they will go home tired, but exhilarated and certain they learned at least a thing or two.

Narrow Your Focus

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Pick a priority today. One thing that you want to do better. Today and today only. Not for tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. One thing …

What You Do After

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Recovery. It’s something you’re going to do after class and, as with anything in life, you can either do it well or you can suck at it.

Listen To The PT

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You may not realize it but a good warm-up is essential to a successful and injury-free workout. If you want to get that PR today, make sure you spend some time on your warm-up.

The Comfort Zone

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Once you throw off the shackles of your fears, it’s easier to live life. And it’s a whole lot more fun. So, don’t wait for anybody or anything else to unlock your spirit. Set yourself free.