Those Shirts (Again)

Lisbeth CrossFit

I wear CrossFit affiliate shirts on some days, still. But on some days, I wear shirts with nothing on them.

What Happened?

Lisbeth CrossFit

It’s different. Some would say better, some would say worse. But it’s changed, that’s for sure.

Can a Trainer Work Out With the Class?

Lisbeth Business, CrossFit, Fitness

This question never dies. It pops up in CrossFit circles, even now, in various places around the internet.

“What’s your opinion on trainers working out with the class? Like coaching and then jumping in with the class?”

Seriously? We are still asking this question?

Getting Past The Pain

Lisbeth CrossFit, Life, Mindset

I didn’t touch a barbell for five days. I lost seven pounds, but that lightness certainly didn’t come from sweating anything except life’s unexpected turns. No workouts. No lifting. Not …

How Well Can You Move?

Lisbeth CrossFit

“It’s not about what you can get. It’s about how well you can move.” My coach (Jeff) said this in class while coaching another member, but he was spot on …

Go Forth and Be Badass

Lisbeth CrossFit

When I was a Catholic school kid, I spent a lot of time going to Mass. While it wasn’t always my favorite place, I loved two things about Mass: the …