Is CrossFit a Cult?

Lisbeth CrossFit

So we’re a cult. So what? We CrossFit. We seek to better ourselves through an odd brand of functional fitness, and maybe, in this pursuit, we help others.

CrossFit Women: Why Not Roar?

Lisbeth CrossFit

I’m a woman and I’m confused: I love CrossFit even though, according to the dominant theories on women and competition, I should not. CrossFit, with its quasi-military culture, posting of …

Ode to Chalk

Lisbeth Fitness, Fun

Ode to Chalk: A Haiku Chalk makes us happy Even when things really suck Chalk is still our friend

Perfection and Motivation

Lisbeth CrossFit, Fitness

I was going to write about the pursuit of perfection within the realm of CrossFit. There has been an interesting debate in the CrossFit community lately, prompted by Jon Gilson’s …