The Truth About Compassion

Lisbeth Mindset

People are hurting. Every time I open Facebook (which isn’t all that often these days) I see more entries in the “Hey, I’m hurting, too!” ledger. Now I’m not making …

Fight the Algorithms

Lisbeth Mindset

Fight the algorithms. You are more than a collection of your likes. You are more than what you could buy with money. How ridiculous that concept is anyhow. How insulting. …

Heat Is Not Weakness

Lisbeth Mindset

Being cold does not make you a better person. You might like being cold – I often do because it perks me up and makes me feel more alive than …

Podcast: Hit Play, Not Pause

Lisbeth Mindset

The muscle between your ears is what keeps you going when the going gets hard. The opposite is true, too. When life is kicking your ass, being physically strong helps you muster the mental strength you need to persevere.

I Don’t Ever Feel Bad After Doing It

Lisbeth Mindset

All I know is that after all the miles on bikes and all the pounds lifted, I never felt bad after doing it. Not once. Every effort brought its own reward, every single time. In moving myself, I somehow lifted my soul.

16 Pairs of Shoes (The Pandemic Diaries)

Lisbeth Life, Mindset

I’m not going to write about what the pandemic took from me. It took so much from all of us.

To write about what we have lost is like trying to catch a waterfall. Your hands can only hold so much.

But I’d be a liar if I said the pandemic didn’t give to us.