Lisbeth Mindset

Figure out what you have to do in order to do the things you want to do, in order to live the life you want to live.

Milestones and Change

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For every time that you feel sorry for yourself during a WOD (“It’s so hard”) or during a lift (“I just can’t get it right!”) remember that someone out there is facing a bigger obstacle, a higher hurdle, harder times. And they’re carrying on. So, if you’re complaining, just stop.

YBF (You’ll Be Fine)

Lisbeth Fitness, Mindset

Eyes forward, chest up, breathe. You can pretty much use that as your mantra for whatever you have to face today, in the gym or in your life.


Lisbeth Fitness, Mindset

It’s the commitment to each and every athlete that their needs will be met, their expectations will be exceeded, and that they will go home tired, but exhilarated and certain they learned at least a thing or two.

Narrow Your Focus

Lisbeth Mindset

Pick a priority today. One thing that you want to do better. Today and today only. Not for tomorrow or next week or next month or next year. One thing …

Down With The Sickness

Lisbeth Mindset

The harder the task, the more we want to try it. It’s a sickness we all have. An illness that has infected all of us, not just here in the gym, but in our workplaces, our schools, and our homes. We embrace tests of our strength, our mettle, our heart. We long to find out what we’re really made of.

The Ripley Point?

Lisbeth Fitness, Mindset

But when does our nobility turn into stupidity? Or does it ever? Is there a point where we should give up?

Please Fail

Lisbeth Mindset

Success isn’t found in success. Success is discovered in failure.