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“Lisbeth Darsh has a way of putting into words what we all need to hear.”Infinity Personal Fitness (Vancouver, BC)
“Lisbeth Darsh might be one of my favorite writers. Whether it’s life, love, or lifting, she just knows the right words.”Default CrossFit (Wildomar, California)
“Lisbeth Darsh is an inspirational author, speaker, and friend. I read every social media post, article and book she writes. I invariably come away with a useful tool or thought to live a bolder life, be a kinder friend or perceive the world in a refreshing new way.”
Aimee Shoemaker
“I keep this book in my purse and when I am feeling vulnerable and down I pull it out and read a couple of pages and it is an immediate pick-me-up. It is like having my best friend right there to give me the “pep talk’ I need to get my head out of my butt. Even if you are not a CrossFitter this book is for you: it applies to all aspects of life.”
Christie McNally
“Motivation, inspiration and common sense wisdom spoken with a clear, compassionate voice, this book will make you want to chase your demons and slay your dragons. The essays are generally brief, but will keep you thinking for hours. I wish I could buy this in bulk and give it to my clients to help them in their struggles! Cannot wait for the next collection!”
Amazon Reader
“Lisbeth lives in my head and translates my thoughts into cohesive and meaningful words that I can then act on or contemplate. I don’t know how she does it. She just does.”Robert Schubring

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Keep going.
Be scared, be alone, be unsure.
That’s okay.
But don’t be stopped.