Who is Lisbeth Darsh?

Someone who knows how to help you build a stronger mindset—which is the focus of my six books:

  1. “Strong Starts In The Mind”
  2. “Live Like That”
  3. “The world is brutal and you must be brave”
  4. “The FUNctional Fitness Coloring & Activity Book for Adults”
  5. “Strong Starts in the Mind: Workout Journal #1”
  6. “Strong Starts in the Mind: Workout Journal #2”

I’ve done a few other things:

  • CrossFit, Inc. key staffer, 2008-2014
    (I helped build the company from 500 to 10,000 worldwide affiliates, and created the CrossFit social media program, among other things)
  • CrossFit affiliate owner (CrossFit Watertown in Connecticut, 2007-2011)
  • Writing professor, Naugatuck Valley Community College
  • United States Air Force officer
  • Masters in the Humanities from California State University
  • BA from Vassar College

People have called me:

  • a thought leader
  • an industry icon
  • a top influencer
  • a legend (No, really! I didn’t make that one up!)
  • a “sports inspirationalist” (I think they did make that one up!)

But maybe my favorite thing is what Stone Coast CrossFit wrote on their blog:

“Lisbeth Darsh is funny, searingly honest, and says all the things we wish we could find the words to say.”

(Thanks, Stone Coast CF!)

Currently, I manage digital marketing for 1440 Multiversity, and I write for 1440, Steve’s PaleoGoods, and other companies. My work has been read by millions of people.

Some of my most-shared articles for other companies:

You can also read my Amazon reviews here, with wonderful words like these:

“Her writing is insightful, direct, funny, poignant and will stay in your head and heart long after you’ve finished reading. She is a master of her craft.”

(Big thanks to my readers for the wonderful messages they send! I love you folks!)

If you’re looking for an inspirational speaker for your company or organization, contact me on social media (FB Messenger or Twitter DM) or shoot me an email, and we’ll talk!

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