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Some days just suck like dumbbell workouts. Some days, you just can’t win.

No matter what you do, it’s wrong. My son’s teacher calls it the “You Can’t Win!” Show. No matter what door you pull, what number you guess, what answer you give — you’re just wrong. “Congratulations, You Can’t Win!” . . .  again and again and again . . .  and you keep on playing.

Maybe you’re halfway through the WOD when you realize the weight on your bar is way too heavy and your form has gone to hell. Maybe it’s rainy and dark on your run. Maybe you can’t even work out because you played “You Can’t Win!” yesterday and messed yourself up already by being foolish.

These days happen. Just a fact of life. Some days you’re in the “You Can’t Win!” show. And you can’t — you won’t — win.

So what should you do?

Grit your teeth and get through it. Just like everything else. Set your jaw and hang on. Smile through your tears.

Because it won’t last. It can’t last. Nothing does. Everything passes. And this too shall pass.

Not every WOD is going to a great one. Not every lift is going to be a PR. You’re not always going to finish first. And not everyone is going to love you and think you’re fantastic like your mom or dad did.

Some days just suck like dumbbell workouts. But here’s the really, really cool thing: You get a whole new day tomorrow. And, on that day, you’re going to kick major a** . . .

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Daigle just can't win. I've had many of those days in CrossFit, in life, and sport before CrossFit. One particular incident that stands out in my mind was a football game that we lost when I was playing. It was one of those quicksand days, where each move just dragged you further into the mire. Nothing went right, no matter how hard you tried. At some point you make the decision to either throw in the towel, or to fight to the end even though defeat is certain. Despite the despair and anger I was feeling at that moment (in watching our undefeated season, and championship bid evaporate) I chose to fight on. Maybe I'm going to lose today...but you will pay the toll for that sacrifice, I thought. I just kept teeing off on the center, cracking helmets until the last whistle....I lost, but I think that kid got brain damage. like Neo says at the end of the "Matrix" trilogy when asked by Agent Smith, "You can't win....Why Mr. Anderson, Why do you persist?!!" Neo replies, "Because I choose to."


Thanks, I needed that. I ripped yesterday and was not happy at all with my encounter with Bulger.


I love this, needed to hear it. The past few months have been at a stalemate for me. No PR's no great up lifting performances. If anything I felt I was getting worse. But I kept going, kept trying, kept pushing. Then last week was like breaking through the pain barrier. Free, beautiful, enjoyable. PR's almost every day, new skills mastered. And this week, with that confidence, I am smiling in the middle of the suck and trying harder then ever.


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