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The “S” Word

Don’t ever apologize for having standards.


Do you hear me? It’s important.

Because there are people in this world who don’t have them. Everything is “good enough” or “okay” or “just chill, jeez” by them. And they try to make you feel bad for having a standard.

Don’t let them.

CrossFit is based on standards. Here is the Workout of the Day. This is the prescribed weight, height, movement. Can’t meet that prescription? That’s fine. Scale it. We’re cool.

But don’t tell me the standard doesn’t matter. It does. You have to have a mark, a goal, a target to be aiming for.

Otherwise CrossFit, and life, is aimless.

“When you have no destination in sight, any road will take you there.”

Don’t just get on any road because your ego is driving and you’re afraid of feeling bad — or of making someone else feel bad, either by achieving or by holding to CrossFit (or life) standards. Make yourself better. Help to make someone else better. Have standards and hold to them. That’s the CrossFit way.

And if you don’t agree? What if your ego can’t take aiming and failing? Again and again, and well, sometimes again? Well, there’s always P90X. The standards in your basement, alone with the ping pong table and Aunt Edna’s quilt, might be a whole lot different. And, I’m just guessing, the results will probably be different too . . .

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Yes. Standard is vital. We were at the 300 Fit games in Knoxville this past weekend and standard was not enforced with no deduction on score for scaling. Very upsetting when scaled, and partial reps competitors win by seconds with no deduction. There is no honor in cheating, no joy in a win unearned. We all hate to hear "doesn't count" but these words keep us in check, forces us to be conscious of our efforts while performing at a high intensity.


No-rep Daigle..hummm....that could be a catchy name...


Standards are important Lisbeth, in fact crucial. They are they determinate in the expression of my singleness. Too high on my side, and discriminating on the other. All joking aside....we must hold the standards. I will "no-rep" the SHIT out of people at the beast of the east this weekend....and I will enjoy it :)


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