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The Life PR Board

Perhaps there should be a PR board for life.

Forget snatching and cleaning and push jerking today. Let’s mark off stuff for life.

Maybe your entire life should be observable and measurable, even if not repeatable?

Be a good person.

Study. Learn.


Be a good parent.

Be a good child.

Be a good sibling. Neighbor. Lover. Friend.

Do your duty.

Do your job.

Do something.

Have fun.

Have a donut.

Have fabulous sex that leaves your partner smiling for days.

Be kind.

Bring more laughter to this world.

Change your attitude.

Change a life.

Change the world.

What would you have on your Life PR Board?

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Lindsey J
Lindsey J

"It's not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it's what you leave behind you when you go"...

Rich Boucher
Rich Boucher

While you are here be the best you can possibly be. If you do that, when you leave it will be a better place for those you leave behind. That would be the greatest PR you could achieve.

Pete morrison
Pete morrison

Look at people when they are talking to you more importantly listen. Or engage the world AMTAP. Awesome as usual Lisbeth


I keep measuring this thing, and it's just not getting any bigger. I want a damn PR! Seriously though... Always trying to PR on how I treat people. I don't know how you measure that....but I know what it feels like when it happens.


Smile at a stranger Take the focus off yourself and put it on someone else. Make your athletes session with you the BEST part of their day!!!


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