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I Can’t Make You

I can’t make you a better athlete. I can’t make you skinny. Or fat. I can’t make you a better person. I can’t make you a better friend, a better lover, a better mother or a better father.

I can’t make you run or row or front squat or L-sit or do handstand push-ups.

I can’t make you do anything.

You are the person with the power. The person with the choices. The person who makes the decisions. Only you can make you do anything.

All I can do is provide expert instruction, an outstanding facility, a phenomenal community, and an accepting atmosphere where it’s safe to screw up and try again.

And results. Lots of results if you’re willing to work for them.

You have to decide if you’re ready to accept that challenge. 

I am a coach. And I am a student.

What are you?

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