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No Damsels in Distress

This isn’t a fairytale. I can’t manufacture hope out of nothing, like a blanket out of invisible threads, woven on some magic loom. There are no magic beans and there isn’t some long-haired prince who will ride up and save you. Even if your life is seriously f***ed, you will have to save yourself.

That sucks, huh?

Or maybe it’s the best thing ever. See, when you’re given something you never value it as much as when you earn that same thing. You know that.

So, earn it. Earn your happy ending, just like you have to earn that PR on your deadlift, or your overhead squat or the absolutely fabulouso delicioso front squat. (Okay, I might be just a little bit in love with the front squat.)

Put your heart and soul and all the effort you can muster into what needs fixing in your life. If it’s your business: head down, shoulder to the wheel, start pushing. If it’s your relationships: head up, ears open, find out what’s wrong and figure out how you can adjust your own behavior and make things better. (Actually, read that sentence again — it works for your business too.)

Don’t be the damsel in distress, because you know what? Everybody secretly hates that bitch. Whining and crying and wanting somebody else to do the work. F*** her. She’s not a CrossFitter. This isn’t the International Society of Whiny Bitches. (ISWB, for those of you playing along at home.)

Adjust your own attitude. Weave your own hope. Life will get better when you get better.

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This one is awesome! I was just turned on to your blog by a friend and I'm so glad. Love to read your words already.

Jennie Yundt
Jennie Yundt

That's an amazing slap right across the face! LOVE this post, and LOVE that t-shirt! :-)


Imagine that! Since it was a gift from YOU! Love ya, Jennie -- and thanks for the inspiration!


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