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Eat the Pain

Stop it.

I mean it. I’m tired of “strong” women and men who actually fold and play games when the going gets a little rough. They’re all talk and posturing and a little bit of show, but once the sh** hits the fan, they crumble. They fold. They start whining and crying. “This is hard.”

No kidding. It’s hard. It’s called CrossFit. And it’s called life.

If the lift was easy, you wouldn’t want it. If the run wasn’t hard, you wouldn’t race. If breathing was effortless at this pace, then every single person could do it. And then you probably would not want it.

See, easy is easy. Hard takes effort. Achievement takes effort. Success takes effort. Success comes after the pain.

You know that. You probably have success in other areas of your life — that’s why you were drawn to CrossFit in the first place. “Forging Elite Fitness” appeals to you because you know what elite feels like, you know what winning tastes like. And you love it. As much as you say “I’m just competing against myself” there’s a person deep down in you who really, really enjoys beating the others. Yeah, you’re fighting yourself mostly, but it is a kick to beat someone else. And it’s okay to admit it — if not to others, at least to yourself. Be honest there.

So, why do you start to fold when it gets really hard? Because there’s pain — and because there is weakness in your mind. Firebreathers do two things in the WOD: (1) Minimize their rest, and (2) Go deep into the pain and stay there. I can teach you how to minimize your rest but I can’t teach you how to stay in the pain. You simply have to will yourself there. You have to learn to live in the darkness for a while. It’s not pretty and it’s not fun. But it will end. And it will make you a better person, in that WOD and in your life.

So, today, put your effort where your mouth is. Swallow hard and bite down on that pain. Bite on your finger, bite on your cheek, do whatever you have to do to get where you want to go, in the WOD — and maybe in your job or your life. Bite, chew, and swallow. Eat the pain. Success is there for the taking. So go take it.

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LOL, you guys invent so much drama. It's called working out. It's NOT the secret to the universe. It's not some big test. Lifting heavy weights won't pay your mortgage or feed your kids. If you diverted even half the energy into life goals as you did into your fitness goals, ... well, you get the idea. Stop the drmam. Stop it. I mean it.


OMG -- CrossFit is NOT the secret to the universe? This changes EVERYTHING. Man. Back to the drawing board.

Chris - WOD Talk
Chris - WOD Talk

Hey Lisbeth, I love this a post. I am interested in talking to you about publishing it in WOD Talk. Send me an e-mail!!! Chris


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