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Wants and Needs

People often know what they want, but not what they need.

They want a hot body, but they need discipline — in the gym and in the kitchen.

They want a bodyweight-plus snatch, but they need someone to help them get strong and to teach them how to really pull themselves under the bar.

They want a great-paying job, but they need to figure out what talent they have that is worth that money.

They want to be in love, but first, they need to be someone that people feel totally, phenomenally, exceedingly compelled to love. (And not in a “Oh, that poor thing” way. You don’t want to be the lost kitten on a rainy night. That stuff never lasts. Be the “Holy hell, I can’t wait to see her again” gal. Yeah, that’s a lot hotter.)

It’s really hard to know what you need. Often, you need helpers to guide you through what you need in order that you may get what you want. In CrossFit, sometimes it’s the coaches who are those helpers. And, sometimes, it’s other CrossFitters.

So how about you? Do you know what you want? And, perhaps more importantly, do you know what you need?

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What I need/want = same thing: be in my CF box, working as hard as I can and being a part of the community. Great post.


Lisbeth pure genius. Your essays get posted on my cork board and my box regularly. Your well known in my CrossFit here in Vancouver BC


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