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Obligation? Or Opportunity?

You can view anything as obligation or opportunity. Your decision affects . . . well, everything.

[box]Think about your workout, your mobility work, your skill work, the components of your job, even your family life: Opportunity or obligation?[/box]

If you choose obligation, you might think of how you have to do this WOD, you have to stretch, you have to work on your L-sit because you suck at it. Depending on how you feel that day, your obligation might feel great, or it might feel like a burden.

But if you choose opportunity, well, things might feel a little more fun. You have a chance to do the WOD, a chance to improve your body, a chance to get better at something you suck at. Something that could have been a burden becomes a gift. You get this wonderful chance.

Playing with your kids. Visiting your mom. Shopping in the grocery store. Decide those are opportunities and life feels a little bit more like play, doesn’t it?

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)



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