How to Become an Overnight Success

Work. Really hard. For years. And when a door opens, run through it. When opportunity presents itself, don’t just grab it — knock it down, toss it on your back, and sprint until you’re ready to throw up. Suck in more air and run even harder. Ignore the pain and head for the light. Run as if darkness itself is chasing you and failed steps will take your soul.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. There is only the dream of the overnight success: the myth, the legend, the want that we all have.

Lasting success is the result of hard work. Period. Dot.

If you want something, go get it. But don’t think it will come overnight. It never does. Be prepared to work hard, for years.

Be prepared to serve. To let others come first. To set yourself on fire. To set your very soul on fire. To offer your heart plain and simple, live and beating, right there on the table, every day.

Expect to be attacked. Expect to be ridiculed. Expect to be ignored.

Breathe. Hurt. Suffer. Smile.

And maybe, one day, you’ll find yourself wondering how you got so lucky — and you’ll realize it wasn’t luck at all.

Now, get back to working on your dream.

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)


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