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Boredom? Not Possible

I don’t know how you ever get bored. In CrossFit, I mean. Although I suppose I could be talking about life, too.

There are so many different exercises, different combos, different levels, different scaling that I don’t think I could ever exhaust the list, or master all the movements, if I lived to be as old as Yoda. (Yes, I know he’s a fictional character … now.)

So. Many.

It’s like freshman year in college, when they asked me if I had read the complete works of any one author. I wasn’t sure they were speaking English. “One author? Only their work? When there is so much to choose from in the world?”

I remember also what it was like in the old days of the globo-gym, coming up with your own programming. I used to change my routines every three weeks. I thought I was avant-garde. Ha! Then I found CrossFit and (poof!) blew my mind.

We are lucky to have this variety, this endless way of reinventing the world. This manner of fresh. There’s always a new movement to learn, an old movement to practice, a skill to get better at, a new time or task domain to accomplish, a new PR to reach for.

I really don’t know how people ever get bored. Maybe they’re just boring to begin with.

(Image courtesy of Nicole Bedard Photography.)

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