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How to Make Life Better Instantly

Are you annoyed about something? Angry? Or maybe just a little pissed off?

We all are. There’s nobody breathing among us who has not had their heart broken, their toes stepped on, and their wallet cheated.

The difference between all of us is what we DO about it. In our online society, the burgeoning first instinct seems to be to post something before doing something. (Or, sometimes, instead of doing something.) And that’s not very bright.

Think about it. You’re upset about something, so you’re going to first tell the world.  You complain. Essentially, instead of trying to change the situation to something acceptable, you prolong it. In essence, you willingly continue with non-productive pain. How smart is that? Is sympathy from a bunch of online “friends” more valuable than resolution? No. We’ve just become a little confused, and entranced with our online instant sympathy dose. We’re addicted.

Try this instead. It’s one step. ONE. Stay with me here.


Maybe that means you call someone who can make a change and talk calmly to him or her. Or email with a polite request. Or get up off your chair and talk to someone face-to-face. Ask to speak to a supervisor. Communicate with a loved one.

Vent after the fact if you have to. But act first. Gather information before, if you need to. But don’t squander your time. There’s far less of it than you realize.

Simply, get off your ass and make your life better right now.


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Well said. It's the simple pieces of advice like this I love the most. Thank you Lisbeth!

Stephen Glover
Stephen Glover

Hey Coach, We have never met, emailed a few times, but never met! I live approximately 7500 miles from California in A little Country called Germany! I just walked in the door after a great day coaching at my Box and watching members hit new PR's! CrossFit Wiesbaden is my Home for now and has been for 2.5 years. Moving to a foreign country on a tourist visa, and not speaking the language, its easy to say my time here has been filled with ups and Downs, shit storms of confusion, speeding tickets, interesting food orders, and a list of other trials and tribulations. That being said, it has also been a huge Fuc*ing adventure, plenty of surprises, and full on trust in "if you build something RAD, they will Show up" mentality. Part of my ride has been reading your words of wisdom and sharing them with others. I just wanted to send a note of gratitude to someone who helps keep it real and reminds me that regardless of what you get served, there is always the option to make it better. We all have the Choice to "Simply, get off our ass and make our lives better right now"! So heres one to you my friend! Thanks for all your hard work and words. Cheers, SG


Thank you, Stephen! Keep rocking on -- and hoist a fine German brew for me! Be strong!


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