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One word. At least three meanings.

You can be imprisoned by bars, material ones or mental cages.

Or you can drink in bars.

Or you can lift bars.

They can own you … or you can own them.

They can keep you out, or bring you in.

You can run from your life, or you can run your life. And no matter how much you try to say otherwise, it’s really just all you. All the time. Making choices.

Where is your head right now?

Where is your life going?

Are you happy?


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Well, since you asked ;) . . . I just walked away from my career of 15+ years.  It was running my life.  Still, I am terrified of my new found freedom.  Happy? I'm not sure.  I've got CrossFit.  That's got to be good enough for now.  Gotta keep making choices though.  Thankful for you, Lisbeth. <3

lisbethdarsh moderator

@ElisabethPickle Wow! That's big news. You're a brave soul, Elisabeth. Go find what you need in this life. I'm rooting for you! Good luck!

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