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Has your life been torn to bits? Ripped into tiny pieces and thrown into the air? And you’re running around under this cloud of particles, trying to catch each small dot?

You’re not alone. This has happened to all of us, at some point in our lives.

But here’s the crazy part: Those pieces are confetti. Yes, confetti, like at a parade. And you should throw your arms toward the blue sky and CHEER.

Someone ripped up your old life and, in doing so, they gave you a chance at a new one. A better one. You have a sudden, spanking new chance to be the best you have ever been.

And, honestly, when you think about it — your old life might have sucked a bit? Maybe you didn’t want to (or weren’t ready to) admit that. Perhaps there was stuff wrong in your work or your relationship that you just didn’t want to face. Now you see it. And it’s in the rearview mirror. Lucky, lucky you.

So, instead of sobbing over the path that ended, perhaps you should thank that person. Yes, the one who ripped apart your life. The one who fired you or hurt you or stomped on your heart or hit you upside the head. That person gave you a chance to start over, to start fresh, to start again.

A gift. The oddest, most ugly, most beautiful gift you’ve ever seen. Toss that confetti. Let’s get this party started …


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I love your essays... but this one hit home like no other before.  I do admit, I shed a few tears while reading it, but you are right, it is a  victory, it is a party, a welcome change, and a much needed shot at a new, much much better life!  Today is a damn good day!

lisbethdarsh moderator

@AndreaneFraser That's the spirit! How we view things (and talk to ourselves) is so critical to our success. Let the chips settle, learn, and move on. We only get one life! Good luck to you, Andreane!

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