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CrossFit Alone vs. CrossFit With Others

CrossFit alone is infinitely harder than CrossFit with other people. It’s a solitary suckfest. Sometimes I think it should be on a mental health checklist. (“Do you CrossFit alone? Are you on any medications?”)

Yet CrossFit alone can be easier because there’s nobody to chase or be chased by. Sometimes CrossFit alone is more satisfying. Sometimes not. The only thing for certain is that CrossFit alone is nowhere near as much fun as CrossFit with others.

CrossFit alone is miserable. And wonderful. And stupid. And smart. And sometimes necessary. And all these same things could be said about hitting a CrossFit workout with others.

But, ultimately, it doesn’t matter that much where or when you CrossFit, or with whom or without. It only matters that you CrossFit. Everything else is just a note in your training log.

Let others bray on about how you should or should not do something, including how you do CrossFit. Let them talk about what works for them and what they think is best. You don’t have to argue or prove anything. Just keep at your daily aesthetic. You never needed others to understand anyhow. You only thought you did.

And all these stupid-ass, whiny, weepy, “I got a booboo” posts from more crybabies looking to draw attention to themselves and their unhappy lives? Stop reading them. Stop linking them. Stop getting outraged about outrage. Concentrate on the task in front of you, take care of yourself, and do good for others. Achievement doesn’t come from distraction. Focus.

Put in the work. Feed your body, your brain, your soul. This is how you live your life.

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I have done crossfit alone before and I agree that it can be harder.  I also agree that it can be easier!  Some times I am intimidated by the workouts and don't go as hard because I am embarrassed about failing in front of others.  When I don't have to worry about that, I can do a lot better.  However, when it is something I've done hundreds of times before and I need to grind it out, I am always happy to have the people at my gym supporting me and cheering me on. 


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