The Tao of CrossFit

Lisbeth Darsh Barbell, CrossFit, Daily Archives


What’s important here? The act of getting your grip set — and your mind set — before you take the bar from the rack on the press.

Preparing is a fine art with the barbell. Too little and you rush your lift. Too much and you screw it up.

You have to find the perfect middle for you: the place where you are settled but ready, restrained but eager, peaceful yet hostile.

The world of personal achievement in this life belongs to those who learn to channel their violence and contain their aggression until the perfect moment for release. The discipline to know when to release the reins of discipline. The ability to learn when to howl at the moon . . . and when to keep silent. The Tao of CrossFit.

Lisbeth Darsh Barbell, CrossFit, Daily Archives

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