The Secret Life of Tiger Woods

Lisbeth Mindset

I got nothing for you on Tiger Woods. Not one damn thing.

Because I don’t care. He’s a man who hits a golf ball really well. Apparently, he has some family problems. How the heck does that impact my life? It doesn’t, so I don’t need to talk about him. In fact, if you’ve got some juicy piece of gossip or some salacious thing you just have to tell me about the private life of somebody else, do me a favor and keep that info to yourself. It’s extraneous bull**** in my life and I don’t need it. And you know what? Neither do you.

Focus on what impacts your life.

Like the barbell. The barbell in my hands impacts my life. And my stance on that deadlift. Feet under the hips. My grip is right outside my legs. My back is straight and the bar is over the middle of my foot. I’m taking in air and about to hold it and stand with the bar. It’s not a heavy weight for the end of the workout, but that’s about all I could handle that day, so it had to be enough.

But enough is not perfect.

Nothing is ever perfect, not if you want to get better. And if you’re smart, you want to get better. The one thing I would change? Maybe get my a** up more. Stop it from dropping. There’s always something to work on. I bet you that Tiger Woods would agree.


Lisbeth Mindset

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