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Compassion is perhaps the better part of CrossFit.

Compassion, community, concern, love for your fellow man: these are what keep us breathing CrossFit.

Sure, we like to think it’s “Elite Fitness” that does that. But Elite Fitness is what attracts us and drives us. Compassion is what keeps us. Love is what makes us come back to the Painatorium.

Someone once said, “All success comes from love” . . . and they were right. Love of CrossFit, love of your fellow man, love of stacking some heavy sh** on the bar and squatting it. Success on the platform, or in life, comes from love. You have to love something before you can ever dream of achieving it. Yet nothing is got on desire alone.

Conundrum? Perhaps. Bunch of hogwash? Maybe.

But remember this: as much as we know that we have to dig deep into pain in order to find success, in order to forge our own elite fitness — in order to brand ourselves a “CrossFitter” . . . we have to have the flip side of the coin too. You’ve got to bring the love to succeed . . . but love alone won’t get you where you want to go. So, hold both thoughts in your head at once and forge on. You’ll be okay — you have time to figure it out.

And remember to be nice, because who you step on on your way up the leaderboard, is paying attention. And squatting right now. And getting stronger than you . . .

Lisbeth Daily Archives, Essays

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