Chasing Life

Lisbeth Essays

We’re kind of stupid.

Like this tire flip in snow. Why the heck would you ever want to do a tire flip in snow? What kind of functional fitness is that? Do you really think you’re ever going to need to flip a tire out of a snowbank?

Probably not. Although you might have to pick up something else heavy out of the snow — like your kid, or your elderly mom if she’s fallen. (Just, please, don’t flip her. Be nice to Mom.) Conditions won’t always be ideal for your endeavors.

And damn it was fun to flip that tire in fresh powder and a touch of ice.

Frozen-fingered, no traction, slippin’ slidin’ fun.

Today, go do something stupid and fun like that. Forget all the seriousness of your life for a little while. Stop being practical for a moment and just move your body for the heck of it. All that responsibility and commitment will be there when you return. Just live for a while. Chase your dog. Chase your kids. Chase life. (Just don’t chase that strange lady in the supermarket parking lot ’cause she’s going to call the cops on you. Trust me, I know.) Go ahead, flip the tire in the snow. You’re going to feel a whole lot better after you do.

Lisbeth Essays

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