The Attitude Question

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Can you have too much attitude in CrossFit?

We like to pride ourselves on attitude in this sport, this community, this movement, whatever you want to call this swirling maelstrom that we’re in.

We’re the kids who don’t fit in, the rebels, the malcontents, the folks interested in not just stepping outside the box, but jumping up and down and crushing the sh** out of that thing. And maybe yelling a bit while doing it. At least a grunt. Possibly an inappropriate song or two.

We posture, while claiming that we don’t posture. It’s part of our cool, part of our presence, part of our lives. Kind of like that kid in school who was SO cool that he never had to say a word, he just breathed and everybody went “Wow.”

We don’t prance around the gym or pose on machines, we just throw down. Hard and fast. And again. Always again, because we want to do it better and faster. We want everything, but we don’t want to get it in some old, dried-fruit, stale flower, shopping-at-Kmart-on-Sunday kind of way. We want fresh meat (and double veggies) and we want it now.

But have we passed that tipping point now? Is our attitude so apparent that it needs toning down?

I wonder. Mostly because I wonder about myself. See, I talk to myself here, there, and everywhere; that’s actually when I’m talking to you. I talk on this screen, I talk on Twitter, and Facebook, and Tumblr. I talk. And sometimes I don’t like my reply. I see too much attitude, too much aggression, too much … too much.

But, sometimes not even close to enough.


And have we reached it in CrossFit? Or are we just getting started?


Lisbeth CrossFit, Essays, Mindset

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