Lisbeth Mindset, Motivation

Should have listened to the coach.

He said 400m row, he meant 400m row. My ego made me do 500m. My way is not always the only or the best way.

Should have arrived earlier. Running in the door at the last minute brings down my fear level, but it doesn’t give me any time to mobilize and prepare my body.

Should have stayed later. Did that 2 minutes on the roller really do anything for rehab? Or did it just make me feel like I was taking care of myself?

Should have introduced myself to every person I didn’t know. Held out my hand. Said my name. How hard would that have been?

Should have cheered more for my partner in that team WOD. Just because she knew what she was doing doesn’t mean she needs less encouragement. Firebreathers like to hear cheers too.

Should have drank more water today, slept more hours last night, and made better food choices.

Should indicates regret or rebuke. Should is a judgment word. So why am I using it here?

Because I just mapped out how to do better tomorrow. What’s done is done today—no need to beat myself up—but tomorrow I’m going to kick some serious ass.

Turn mistakes into success.

Lisbeth Mindset, Motivation

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