I am a CrossFitter

Lisbeth Essays

I will always save the person next to me, before me. I can’t explain it, rationalize it, or excuse it. It is what I would do and it might make me a fool, a stooge, or a naif. But it is me.

I carry the flag, tote the colors, and blow on the bugle. I preach, proselytize, and bang the gong loudly. This is who I am. I CrossFit.

I try to save the unsaveable, again and again and again, until my friends drag me away for my own good. I always want to give people one more chance. It might sound stupid, but I believe in them.

I’m the guy on the rings. Getting my grip right. Now, up and lock out. Strong and smooth.

I’m the girl on the barbell, growling because that jerk did not go well. Focusing and burning her eyes into the bar. Pantomiming the lift. Be aggressive. Explode. NOW.

I’m the one who scares you sometimes. That’s okay. My intensity scares me sometimes too.

I know I make some people nuts. It’s not cool to have this much passion for life, this much drive, this much fun just breathing and talking and doing. My officemates must think I’m daft because I laugh out loud so much. I can’t help it. People — and life — are just so damn funny. I laugh out loud all day long.

I am, finally, after so many years, comfortable in my own skin.

I am me. And I’m betting I am part of you too.

I am a CrossFitter.

Lisbeth Essays

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