It’s You

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It’s all bullshit.

All of this stuff that people try to sell you. All this talk that this or that or the other thing is going to do “it”: help your business explode, make your workout easier, bring you success on a silver platter. The million pitches you get about some fantastic product that will make your life become the stuff that people dream of.

Many people want to sell you the answer, and many people want to buy it. But there is no answer that can be sold or bought.

Because the answer is easy and yet so hard.

You have to be better.

Better. You. Every single day.

Maybe better than the next person, better than that guy over there, better than the woman sitting next to you. But definitely better than yourself. And that’s not the answer that some people want to hear. Because it’s hard, really flipping hard.

See, it’s not your business system, or your facility, or some ad or SEO nonsense, or some magic words or potions that will create untold health and wealth and success for you and everyone you touch. You can’t buy it for $299 in some stupid download. It doesn’t matter which client management system you use, or whether you programmed ring rows instead of pull-ups in that workout, or if you sold fish oil and protein powder in your lobby. No, it’s something much simpler. And way more scary.

It’s YOU.

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It’s not the excuses you give to others, or the explanations you try to sell yourself late at night when the events of the day keep spinning in your head. It’s not what you tell yourself when your failure keeps chasing you, right up until dreamland.

Whether you live a life of noisy mediocrity, interrupted by bouts of public drunkenness—or whether you grab your goals, one after another, with steely precision—it’s up to you.

So, stop looking to buy success.  And, for heaven’s sake, stay away from the people trying to sell it to you.

Start working on your skills instead. You want to be better? Fantastic! Get to work on you.


Lisbeth Fitness, Life, Mindset

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