Just Admit It

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I’m tired of all the people in the closet: the CrossFit closet.

I’m not talking about sexuality. I’m talking about admitting what you do for a workout. I’m talking about the folks out there who bash CrossFit in public — loud and proud — and then turn around and do CrossFit in private. Or, rather,  they say they do “constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity” — not CrossFit. (A+ to those who recognized Greg Glassman’s words from 2004.) They’re like all those ranting “I hate homos” preachers and politicians who are then tapping their toes in airport bathrooms and cruising gay bars, hoping to get some of the action they just decried.

Just come clean, people. Stop pretending. It’s okay to be who you are. Nobody gives a shit — we’re all too busy living our own lives.

Say it loud, say it proud: “I do … CrossFit.”

(Photo by Lisbeth Darsh.)


Lisbeth Essays

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