How Do You See Yourself?

Lisbeth Mindset

How do you see yourself? 

Honestly. How do you view yourself in your mind’s eye?

It’s a simple question, but often with not-so-simple answers. Yet those answers matter so much to your work, your workout, your health, your happiness, your love, your life. How you see yourself is absolutely critical to what and how you achieve in this life.

A song was playing in my car this morning and it had this line: “They could bring an army, ten thousand or more.”

And I thought, “Exactly.” 

10,000 vs. me: the odds are still pretty good, at least in my head.

Unrealistic? Irrational? Totally whacked? Maybe.

But also intoxicatingly strong. There really isn’t any mountain high enough or force strong enough to overcome me.

[Tweet “I will decide my destiny. Nobody else.”]

So, how do you see yourself?

You don’t have to answer here. You just have to answer that question for yourself.

Lisbeth Mindset

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