10 Things I Learned at the Open

Lisbeth CrossFit

1.) You can’t just want it really bad. You have to train really freakin’ hard all year too. Duh.

2.) You can always do more than you think you can. And if you can’t? Then you needed that blow to your ego anyhow …

3.) Your friends at the box want you to do well almost more than you do.

4.) If you didn’t nod your head to #3, then you might need a new box or you might be a jerk with no friends. Either way, you should probably look to make some changes …

5.) Dave Castro must not have been hugged enough as a small child.

6.) If you call any workout “easy” then you’d better be at the top of the leaderboard.

7.) In your gym, the bravest person might not be at the top of the leaderboard — the bravest person might actually be at the bottom.

8.) “Pain” spelled backwards is close to “nap” … and, yeah, you earned it.

9.) After 150 wallball, double-unders will leave the casually committed faster than a pissed-off girlfriend. You’re sweating and stumbling and blowing snot, and your dubs are walking away, one hand up, not wanting to put up with your half-hearted effort anymore.

10.) Air is delicious.

Lisbeth CrossFit

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