Lisbeth Essays


We talk about flawless as the goal. Perfection. Without error. Unmarred.

And it is … but is that what we most love? Or is it only what we desire? What we aim for?

Think about it.

Is perfection really what we most value? Or, do we actually find the scar more interesting than the unmarked?

One tells a story; the other tells nothing.

Do we go to the movies to see stories of perfection? Of nothing ever wrong? Moment after moment of unmitigated bliss? Or do we prefer to learn of hardships, and battles won over seemingly unbeatable odds? Are we not stirred by stories where all seemed lost … and then all was won?

If these things thrill us in song and book and play, then why do we think life would be otherwise in our own world? Why do we long for Easy Street? Why do we think life would be better if we had no battles? Why do we think perfection could come without a price?

It does not. Perfection always has a high price. And is rare. You may never catch her … but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

So don’t be frightened, or daunted, by the challenge in front of you. A gift has been placed at your door. Open it up. Get dirty, get bloody, get bruised. Perfect may be the goal, but the path there will leave many marks. And that’s okay. Your life is real. Get moving.


Lisbeth Essays

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